Improve the efficiency of your water heating system while reducing hot water waste

Large, centralized water loop systems with high demand wastewater and energy delivering domestic hot water. For this reason, assisted and senior living facilities and lodging properties have ample opportunity to reduce water and energy usage with hot water loop controls. These types of controls make hot water delivery more efficient by using sensors to monitor and record water temperature and usage. Hot water loop controls learn when hot water is needed and regulate equipment operation to better match demand.

Not only can hot water loop controls improve operations and save money, they can also improve resident comfort and safety. In assisted living facilities, for example, hot water loop controls keep water at safe temperatures, reducing potential for scalding. Keep reading to learn how hot water loop controls can help businesses reduce utility bills and operational costs.

Controller scheduling and temperature monitoring capabilities make equipment perform better and more reliably

Water heating systems without controls waste energy and put unnecessary wear and tear on equipment. They require more energy because water pumps operate continuously even when there isn’t demand. Hot water circulating through domestic loops naturally loses heat via conduction. Without controls, water heaters heat up and push out the same water needlessly.

The sensor data hot water loop controls collect allow water heating systems to go idle when hot water isn’t normally in demand. This downtime cuts down on wasted energy and can extend the lifecycle of water heating equipment. Additionally, hot water loop controls keep track of water temperature to ensure it is within a safe range. This capability means maintenance staff won’t need to manually adjust temperature settings.

Businesses can achieve greater hot water delivery efficiency with CEMS

The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) Program provides San Diego Gas & Electric® (SDG&E) Company commercial customers cash incentives for upgrading to or installing new, high-efficiency equipment or systems. Learn about additional benefits of hot water loop controls and see if you qualify.

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Last Updated: June 19, 2023