Hot Water Loop Controls for Lodging and Assisted Living

Get Savings for Your Business With Hot Water Loop Controls

Hot water loop controls are inexpensive, easy to install and can save lodging and assisted living facilities money on utility bills. These controls are designed to monitor and control the temperature of hot water throughout a building to ensure that the end user will receive adequate hot water at safe temperatures. In effect, this can help to improve the overall efficiency of the water heating system and reduce the amount of hot water wasted during heating periods. For larger facilities, these controls can help eliminate the need for constant manual adjustments of the temperature settings and provide greater control over the hot water delivery process, saving countless maintenance hours.

How do hot water loop controls work?

Hot water loop controls connect directly to your centralized water system. Temperature sensors are installed on various points within the system to monitor and record temperature. Consequently, the controller learns your property’s hot water usage patterns and predicts your needs, resulting in safe and efficient hot water without the waste of constant heating. This small change can save you 15-25% in your gas usage.*

*Estimated gas savings are based on typical savings experienced by customers

5 benefits of hot water loop controls

Properties that can benefit from installing hot water loop controls

Get rebates for installing hot water loop controls

The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) Program makes it easy and inexpensive to install hot water loop controls. We work with, an industry leader in control and monitoring systems, to perform a no-cost onsite survey. Once qualified, installation is scheduled at the property. These controls can be installed on most hot water systems with no downtime to the building.

Through CEMS, properties of 25 units or more can qualify for rebates of up to $17 per room.

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Storage System Questions

Do you have a centralized hot water system with storage tank and recirculating loop?
What kind of hot water pipes do you have?
Is your system gas or electric?
Do you currently have a hot water loop?