Qualcomm saves with CEMS

The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) Program presented Qualcomm Real Estate and Facilities (QREF) team members with a $48,410.60 rebate check for installing energy-efficient lighting. By implementing energy-efficient solutions, Qualcomm will not only save money on energy costs but also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a cleaner environment. This rebate check highlights the success of Qualcomm’s energy-efficient lighting project and serves as an example of how companies can benefit when they invest in sustainable practices and technologies.

Qualcomm worked with CEMS to upgrade their San Diego campus parking garages to LED lighting resulting in a 35% energy savings and 960,000 kilowatt hours of energy saved annually.

This initiative demonstrates their commitment to sustainability and sets an example for other companies to invest in energy-efficient solutions, leading to a greener and more sustainable future.

Six people holding a large check in front of a building. Participating in rebate programs can provide significant financial incentives helping offset the upfront costs of implementing energy-efficient projects. Additionally, energy-efficient solutions can assist companies in achieving their sustainability goals and make the workplace more comfortable for employees. Qualcomm’s energy-efficient lighting project is an excellent example of how companies can reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability while also achieving cost savings.

If you’re a commercial business in the SDG&E territory interested in pursuing energy savings, CEMS can help! Contact us to learn more about energy-saving opportunities at your business.

Last Updated: April 11, 2023