Financing Your Energy Efficiency Project

Being energy conscious can help your business lower monthly utility bills and save on overhead. One of the biggest hurdles for businesses looking to replace or upgrade equipment is the upfront cost. The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) program provides SDG&E® commercial customers with rebates and cash incentives to make installing new, high-efficiency equipment or systems more affordable. There are currently three types of financing options available that make energy-efficient upgrades more accessible to all business types. These financing options allow businesses to focus resources on what’s important while making facility improvements.

1. On-Bill Financing

Helping qualified commercial customers pay for energy-efficiency retrofit projects with zero interest and zero penalty loans, On-Bill Financing is a great choice for those looking to make big investments. The loan is paid back slowly over time and payments are calculated based on estimated annual energy savings, not to exceed the maximum loan term.

2. Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS)

The Efficiency-as-a-Service model works by providing off-balance sheet, turnkey efficiency upgrades that include materials, installation and maintenance, at no upfront capital cost. You’ll work with SDG&E who will pay for project development, implementation and maintenance. Once the energy-efficient equipment is installed, you’ll pay back a portion of what you save on your SDG&E utility bill every month as a service fee until the project is paid off.

3. GoGreen Financing

GoGreen Financing’s Green Business program helps businesses make improvements that have a positive impact on energy use. GoGreen Business partners with financing companies that offer quick approvals on leases, loans and service agreements with customized monthly payment plans. The program is administered by the State of California and supported by the state’s investor-owned utilities.

These three financing avenues make improving operations and comfort while reducing utility bills affordable. Get in touch to learn more about the CEMS program and which financing option is right for your project.

Last Updated: February 20, 2023