Jimbo’s knows Energy efficiency is the right thing to do!

The first Jimbo’s grocery store opened in 1984 out of the desire to provide the community with high-quality natural and organic foods. Since then, Jimbo’s has expanded to four locations throughout San Diego. Jimbo’s ethos can be summarized by one simple statement, “…because it’s the right thing to do!” This philosophy extends from customers to employees to how they manage and operate their stores.

Operating with integrity

Doing the right thing is integrated throughout Jimbo’s operations and being socially and environmentally responsible is as important as being an economically viable company. As Facilities Manager for Jimbo’s, Andy Ryan contributes tremendously to this by ensuring all Jimbo’s facilities and equipment operate efficiently. He is always looking for ways to optimize operations so when Jimbo’s Sustainability Coordinator, Stephanie Morris, brought the Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) program to his attention, he was interested in the offerings.

Jimbo’s already operated efficiently but a desire to be proactive prompted him to participate. Andy connected with the program and decided to pursue two rebate opportunities, hand wrapping machines and auto door closers for the Carlsbad location.

Hand wrap machines Auto Door Closers
Efficient hand wrapping machines reduce the amount of energy needed to wrap produce while keeping/improving its shelf-life and stock time. Auto Door Closers reduce the amount of time a walk-in refrigerator or freezer door is open and stop energy loss and food waste that can happen when someone forgets to shut the door.

Effortless energy savings

What really closed the deal for Andy was how easy it was to get the rebates and start saving energy. He felt the team he worked with was responsive, proactive and efficient. Best of all, apart from scheduling when the contractor and team would install, Andy had minimal involvement, allowing him to continue his day-to-day uninterrupted.

In addition, Andy particularly appreciated how the contractor and CEMS team ensured the installation activities had minimal impact on the busy store, making the complete process effortless. In total, Andy received $5,830 in rebates to install 11 auto door closers and 2 hand wrap machines, saving him 58% on the total project costs.

What’s in store for Jimbo’s

Photo of Jimbo's Grocery store front. "Jimbo's ... Naturally! Natural Foods Grocer is displayed in large green font above their store entrance.

Andy is excited about the energy savings he has experienced by taking part in CEMS. He says, “the lid’s been open” in terms of future participation and looks forward to working with the CEMS program on additional energy saving opportunities. He says he has yet to find where CEMS can’t get help or provide assistance with projects.

Learn more about Jimbo’s by visiting www.jimbos.com.

Join Jimbo’s in upgrading your operations and saving energy. Take a look at the hundreds of energy efficiency rebates available from CEMS.

Last Updated: February 20, 2023