A Customer-Centric Approach is Key to Crown’s Success

A small clip of a freezer door closing using an auto door closer“I saw businesses looking for ways to save money and reduce waste but not having the resources to do it themselves.” – Ken Fong, Crown Distribution Owner

Restaurants, groceries and
other businesses with large refrigerators and freezers can save money and energy by installing automatic door closers. Automatic door closers ensure that refrigerator and freezer doors are not left open by accident. Taking this simple action can reduce a business’ utility bill
up to $1,400 a year.

Ken Fong, owner of Crown Distribution, specializes in installing automatic door closers in restaurants and grocery stores across California. Ken started his business as a seafood distribution company in 1977. After 25 years, he transitioned into energy efficiency upgrades for restaurants capitalizing on the relationships he made in seafood distribution.

The Crown Difference

Crown Distribution differentiates itself from other installers by focusing on making the experience quick, easy and inexpensive for the businesses they work with. They try to schedule multiple locations from the same franchise in the same day. Installations usually take less than 30 minutes and Crown brings the necessary paperwork so the business representative can sign it at the time of installation. Ken and his team work with local utilities to use incentives to cover the cost of equipment installation for their clients. This helps to build trust and solidifies the customer-centric nature of Crown Distributing’s business. Ken’s team handles all the paperwork, making the process easier for businesses. They also make sure to answer any questions from the customer, communicate about possible post-installation inspections and, on the rare occasions when there is a failure in the product, come back to replace it.

“We try to make the process as easy for the customer as possible,” says Fong. “If they barely know we are there, then we’re doing our job right.”

Crown Distributing partners with the Comprehensive Energy Management (CEMS) program in Southern California to provide incentives to SDG&E® customers. For more information on incentives for your business,visit our incentives page.

Last Updated: October 28, 2022