Lower Energy Bills by Installing Hot Water Tank Insulation with Synergy 

Even if your water heater is a newer and more efficient model, it could still be the source of unnecessary energy waste through standby heat loss. Reduce heat loss and improve the energy efficiency of your hot water system by adding insulation around your hot water heater tank. In doing so, your business can cut standby heat loss by 25%–45% and lower water heating costs by 7%–16%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Energy and water efficiency contractor Synergy is an expert in insulation installation. The California-based company has served the San Diego area for 18 years. Synergy partners with the Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) program to lower the cost of their customers’ energy-efficient upgrades. By working with a contractor like Synergy, businesses can get help qualifying for CEMS cash incentives.

Keep reading to learn more about hot water tank insulation and what you can expect from working with a company like Synergy.

Hot water tank insulation does more than improve energy efficiency 

After installing hot water tank insulation, you can immediately start saving on utility costs. Insulation helps hot water tanks keep heat better, so the water inside stays hot longer and is more readily available. Because tanks with insulation maintain a more constant hot water temperature, the heater won’t have to reheat water as often. The equipment then requires less energy to operate, improving efficiency.

Hot water tank insulation is especially important if your equipment is in an unheated or cooler area, like a garage or basement. In these situations, Synergy’s San Diego division manager, Casey Davis, says installing tank insulation is like bundling up when it’s cold outside. “Putting on a jacket or adding another layer of clothes keeps you warmer because each layer helps you save body heat,” Davis said. “That’s exactly how it is with water heater insulation and water temperature.”

Cost and energy savings aside, insulation has the extra bonus of extending the lifespan of your hot water heater. More efficient performance lessens the demand on the unit. Insulation can help prevent standard equipment wear and tear and keep your water heater running longer. “You’re not only going to save money because your water heater isn’t running as often, but you’re also saving on equipment costs because you won’t have to replace it as often,” Davis said.

Photo of a white hot water tank

Installing hot water tank insulation is a quick and easy job 

Adding insulation might be something you’d consider doing yourself. But outsourcing the job to a professional, like the team at Synergy, will ensure it’s done safely and effectively. The first step is a preliminary site walkthrough to make sure everything’s in order and you’re getting the right insulation for your tank. Synergy will then schedule the installation, avoiding interfering with your business operations.

To prepare for the installation, all a business has to do is make sure the hot water tank is accessible. If your tank is in a storage area, you’ll have to move boxes, supplies, and other odds and ends from around the equipment. Doing so is nevertheless a wise choice, as there is a fire and heat damage risk when things are too close to burners. To top it off, the water heater can stay on during installation, so you don’t have to experience a lapse in supply. “Our technicians can complete an installation and be in and out in 30 to 35 minutes,” Davis said. “It’s really that straightforward.”

CEMS cash incentives make hot water tank insulation more affordable

Hot water tank insulation is a low-cost way to save your business money that can be even more affordable with CEMS. While some restrictions apply, most gas-powered hot water tanks will qualify for CEMS incentives.

Synergy and other contractors that partner with CEMS will ensure your business isn’t leaving any incentive opportunities on the table. Davis believes Synergy’s partnership with CEMS benefits his company’s customers greatly.

Invest in energy efficiency now to help your business spend less on utilities in the future

Businesses like yours can benefit from installing hot water tank insulation. Contact us to get started today.

Last Updated: October 7, 2023