CEMS Rebates for HVAC Motor Retrofits

Energy-saving innovation on your building’s rooftop

The high rotor pole-switched reluctance motor, patented and designed by Turntide, runs rooftop units more efficiently, reducing HVAC energy use by an average of 64%. Turntide’s Smart Motor System™ is comprised of a motor and motor controller which runs optimal sequences to ensure comfort with minimal energy use.

Get rebates for installing Turntide motor products

The Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) Program makes it easy and inexpensive to install HVAC motor systems. We work with Turntide, an industry leader in smart motors and controls, to provide motor retrofits for businesses.

Through CEMS, commercial properties, including quick service restaurants, grocery, large retail and more, can receive up to hundreds of dollars per horsepower with motor retrofits.

The rebate amount depends on building type and location, please review the table to the right for more detailed rebate amounts based on facility type and motor horsepower:

Turntide table

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