Savings At The Meter

Make the Most of Energy Savings for Your Business with Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NMEC)

If you’re considering a large, energy-efficiency project, then you want to know you’ll get a return on your investment. With NMEC, the Comprehensive Energy Management Solutions (CEMS) program can help ensure your project achieves at least a 10% reduction in energy use.

What is Normalized Metered Energy Consumption (NMEC)?

In addition to standard equipment rebates, CEMS assists businesses aiming to maximize energy-efficiency opportunities and incentives using NMEC at their sites. NMEC— also known as Measurement and Verification 2.0 (M&V 2.0)—is an approach that can help your business identify how much energy you are saving after completing an energy efficiency project. NMEC considers outside variables (such as weather, occupancy and production) and normalizes data so there is a clear comparison of energy usage before and after installed energy-efficiency upgrades. Even if you use a smart meter that provides data at different intervals, with NMEC you can quantify energy savings in a transparent manner.

NMEC uses a results-driven, pay-per-performance model and participating in an NMEC program helps you save twice. You receive incentives for verifying with NMEC the realized energy savings based on how the system performs for a full year after installation.

Benefits of NMEC Participation

NMEC Process and Requirements

NMEC Process

  • Connect with the CEMS program to obtain pre-approval

  • Demonstrate reliable and cost-effective energy-savings potential from project measures for the proposed use and site (CEMS engineers can help develop and/or verify proposed plan)

  • Return the Pre-Approval Incentive offer form before purchasing or installing equipment

  • Incentives are paid out during the course of the project

  • Project savings will be verified 12 months post-installation

NMEC Requirements

  • Incentive rates are based on actual pre- and post-installation energy usage

  • Projects must have predictable operating patterns

  • Projects must save at least 10% compared to baseline

  • Projects must be verifiable at the meter

Do you have a project that may benefit from NMEC?

CEMS Energy advisors can evaluate your project and usher you through start to finish, ensuring you maximize its saving potential. Contact us today to get started with NMEC.